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Need to know – Top 10 Important 2019 SEO Trends

SEO optimization is an important part of improving online ranking & traffic of the website. Search engine optimization (SEO) has got various changes over a decade. The updated Google Panda algorithm in 2011 has been stopped as the contents are spam.

The latest trend in SEO is stuffing online content with the best keywords to spam the links and increase the ranking. It is pure online marketing content. If you want to improve the value of the site and want to increase the rank you need to know the top 10 important trends in SEO.

1. Know your Audience & Deliver relevant content

Doing SEO without knowing the audience is totally a waste work. It is necessary to know about the target audience and reach the product in the right way is the best work on SEO.

Knowing the audience is an important task. First of all, you must know about the top ten trend audience search and you must make the content relevant to their requirement. This greatly helps to deliver the top rank in SEO.

Quality of the product, image and voice clarity must be noted when you deliver the relevant content. Poor quality may spoil the company brand names. Quality optimized content reaches the target audience in an extreme way. When the content reaches the wrong audience then it is difficult to get back the name, so better be cautious on content delivery.

2. Utilize Structure Data for SEO

Follow structured data for SEO purpose and add structured data to the HTML markup on the page. The short content and message delivered in a search engine are generated from search engines structured data from the web page.

Google follows a crawl search engine structure with the growth of Artificial Intelligence. This is important for integrated structured data in HTML markup language that is used in websites and blogs.

Give more importance and attention to the tag, metadata and other relevant search keywords for best ranking and huge traffic for your website.

3. Create High-Quality & Relevant Content

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The Google algorithm is updated in 2018 that mainly focus on quality content. The algorithm automatically eliminates spam, duplicate, unused structure data from the search engine.

It is always advisable to use stellar blog post that is used to get shared by more visitors than other every day mediocre posts. Create content that greatly helps to connect with the audience and provide superior relevant content that meets their needs and requirements.

Always create quality content with the best language followed by subheadings, bullets, a suitable title for the content, where the image required placing a high-quality image and using the proper font to improve readability and shareability of relevant posts.

4. Write the content that meets Google’s E-A-T Guidelines

Always prefer to wire the content that meets Google to EAT guideline. EAT- Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy.

Updated Google algorithm in 2018 follows EAT guidelines that greatly help to find the key matched content and deliver to the customer.

While writing the blog, web pages, and any other content relevant to the website or blog, use the author information that helps for easily accessible. This ensures the top search engine list on the first page of SEO.

5. Expand Your Google-Only Search Perspective

Google is the leading search engine for WebPages, but you need to expand your focus and start thinking about a multifaceted approach for SEO that includes app ranking. If your company has an app, you need to identify how to get more visibility in app stores like Apple, Amazon, and Google Play. More people are using mobile devices for online searches. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile viewing. Create an efficient way for user’s mobile searches to easily locate your apps in app stores.

6. Follow On-Page Optimization Strategy

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For higher ranking in the search engine, augment your on-page optimization. It is important to include on-page optimization in your strategy for the best traffic and higher ranking.

Ensure that your content is efficient, effective and helps the reader to understand the content in the easiest way. When the user is the search for the content the site must provide a relevant search result to the user.

7. Stay focused on Website Design & Blog Content

It is essential to design the blog & website with prompt design & best relevant content. In website design and development, the company must create a genuine website with fast loading output.

Website conversion processes like completing a form, subscribing to the newsletter, sharing a post, or buying a product must be easily accessible and the customer must understand the process easily.

When you add chatbots, or customer care support, provide in an effective way that greatly helps in the traffic of the website and the ranking too.

8. Take Your Website or Blogs to the Next Level with the help of advanced technology

It is quite easy and smart level to take up your website to the next level with advanced technology. A simple and easiest way is implementing a technical SEO strategy in a smarter way that helps to increase the ranking of your website to top ten.

With the help of Google’s algorithm updates, the rewarding site has high loading speed and reach in top3 in search engine ranking. Major search engines like Google, Bing, AOL works best with websites driven with the help of JavaScript, a best web programming language.

9. Voice & Video keyword Search Capabilities

It is important to focus on optimizing for voice search and conversational keywords. Train yourself to use machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence for best ranking in voice search.

10. Tailor Optimization features for Google SERP

When the user browses for the website in the search engine, they start to type the letters, when they type they get frequently suggested words in the type box. This can be done with tailor optimization features but with pre-format content.

Improve the chances of ranking top place in search engine results in better traffic and huge response to your website. Creating and maintaining an effective SEO strategy with optimized features of SERP.


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