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Affiliate Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2019

In the course of this reading you will notice that a lot of trend is already true, like the trend of videos, which only grows. Many of them are just a sequence of things that are already happening in the digital world and that we need to focus even more than what already we do.

 Human-Centered Marketing

Okay, that’s nothing new, marketers have always wanted to know more about how your customer thinks, but now, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, we’re getting closer and closer. With these technologies we can go beyond simple demographic data by getting information on habits, desires, activities and shopping preferences at a click away.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is no longer the future; it is already a reality and needs to be part of your marketing strategy. The most common form of artificial intelligence implementation today is chat bots, which help companies, maintain customer service without the need to invest horrors in a service industry. They are faster in answering, to answer any kind of common question of the user, than the human being. They can be integrated into websites and message applications like Facebook Messenger, which is the most used in digital marketing today.


The new consumer behavior based on micro-moments has changed the rules of digital marketing forever. And this happened thanks to the classification of the smart phone around the world. More and more they are used to access the internet, according to data collected from Google Analytics, between May 2014 and 2015 there was a 112% increase in internet access via smart phone, and in this same period, the time spent per internet visit fell 9% with a 74% increase in conversions in mobile sales, meaning people are spending less time but are buying more, being more objective in the digital world.

Changes in Social Media Channels

That Facebook, Instagram and You tube are the biggest social media channels we already know, but how are they going to come out in the next few years? The forecast for 2020 of exponential growth, especially in relation to advertising investment, is from Instagram. It has already surpassed Facebook in advertising profit this year and is also going to exceed the number of users. More and more companies are taking their investments from Facebook and focusing on Instagram.

Videos More Than Ever

More than ever, videos account for 80% of all traffic by 2019 by 2020.Recorded videos, live broadcasts, and 360-degree videos. Whatever the format, the more interactive the better. Internet users get bored very easily, and businesses need to use videos to stay focused and engaging.

Audio Content

There are few companies that are in the podcasts, but the ones that are, are on the right track. Audio content tends to grow significantly in 2019 and 2020.And this will happen because people are busier, they have less and less time to read articles and books.

More Automation

Marketing automation did not come up yesterday, but it’s increasingly important in ever-shorter times like the ones we live today. We are increasingly busy with new trends and technologies like the ones we’ve seen here, and the automation is there to help. Not only the chat bots, which can automate your attendance, content delivery and even sales, but also publishing automation on social networks are a great must-have for any marketer and entrepreneur who wants to optimize their time to use it more strategy.

Not to be left behind is not only staying inside of what the future is in marketing but also putting into practice what it takes to take all the benefits and get out in front of the competition.


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