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7 Big Mistakes New Market Affiliators Make

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the types of digital marketing based on obtaining results. The afiiliator (advertiser) does not pay for impressions or clicks but for the results obtained.

In this case, the websites, called affiliates, are responsible for advertising advertisers through the publication of their ads or promotions. They can be products of companies (a hosting service to host a website) or bloggers (courses for the management of social networks, for example).

These affiliates obtain a commission when the user enters their web page and performs the previously determined action.

Affiliate Network


The main advantage, from the point of view of the online medium, is that you do not have to create any product or design a service . In addition, you should not worry about giving support to customers either. All this will be the responsibility of the company to which you derive the traffic.

On the other hand, if you are a brand that seeks affiliates, one of the main advantages that you will have is that the sales of your company can grow with an economic investment thanks to external people. It’s not a fixed cost and, what’s more interesting, it can help you get brand ambassadors.

On the other hand, with affiliate marketing it is also possible to reach the audience that really interests you. What becomes a greater return. This will be so as long as you take special care of the media in which your brand will appear .


From the point of view of the digital space, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that you should not abuse affiliate marketing. You have to take care of the number of times you use this marketing technique because the interest of your followers can vanish if they perceive that you only want to sell them products.

It is also important to understand that you can not relax. It is necessary to put the same effort that if you were selling a product of your own, since your mission is to push your readers to buy the product you write about.

Another drawback is that customers who fall into your networks are for your affiliates, so you can not use remarketing to refer them to that or other products.

Types of affiliate marketing

1. Web pages: Consists of pages focused on specific content that may interest advertisers of products that have to do with those contents. The web pages advertise the products and get a commission for each registration or sale achieved.

2. Cash back : In this case, there is a database of registered users with which commissions are shared for the actions obtained. Users make purchases through the affiliation platform and receive a return percentage.

3. Affiliates that work in search engines ( Pay per click, PPC ): In this case the affiliates provide qualified traffic to the merchants by buying words or phrases in search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

4. Databases of E-mail marketing : Consists of the transfer of data of registered users who are interested in an issue related to the product offered by the merchant. The advertiser must know well the specific public and the type of client so that the affiliate can better use their database. The most used type of commission is the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) .

5. Co-registration data bases: Users who are interested in the products or services of several companies can subscribe to an affiliate’s newsletter. The user expressly consents that their data may be sent to an advertiser of a certain sector for which the user has an interest.

6. Affiliation networks: Affiliation networks emerge to regulate relations between advertisers and affiliates. These networks act as intermediaries between thousands of advertisers and affiliates, in addition to providing the tools for tracking sales directed from an affiliate’s page.

7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

7 Big Mistakes New Market Affiliators Make

When any company starts affiliate marketing, it forgets about some points which take their business to nowhere. Affiliate marketing is needed to be used properly in order to serve good results.

With the time that many of us have in the world of affiliate marketing and the teaching of this to other affiliates, 7 big mistakes made by new subjects that are involved in affiliate marketing are seen , so let’s  talk about these in more detail below.

1) Think about sales instead of thinking about helping

Yes, the word “marketing” is part of the affiliate marketing phrase, but for the most part, our work as affiliates is not to sell, which is the work of the sales page that readers reach thanks to the links that lead to it.

When many begin with that overwhelming and naive task, they have a huge urge to fill the pages with words and links that shouted “Buy this now!”.Many do not care to help the reader, to teach him why they should have the product offered. Many affiliates want users to click on the link that leads to a good commission.

When you talk more like an impartial critic and not a seller with a high pressure, we will find that we can make more sales and people will come back to us for advice on other products in the future.

2) Join all existing affiliate programs on the internet

This is another big mistake that many new affiliates make when they start in this world: join any network and all the affiliate programs they found. Although many of us are convinced that we must have and cultivate multiple incomes when working on the Internet, there is a point where we have so many tasks to do, that everything overwhelms us and becomes unmanageable.

Choose your affiliate programs wisely and do not get overloaded.

3) Not having proof

Whenever many choose to promote a any offer that you are providing , for example, it is beneficial to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer and choose to test the tracking sequence of other vendors, having confidence in the source of that product.

Nothing breaks the reader’s trust more than being taken to a promotion that will cause your inbox to explode. Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and see what will happen if they follow your advice.

4) Do not follow up

This is a big mistake that many make when they start. Making an observation about the promotion of products on Company, sometimes you forget to use affiliate links for tracking on each page.

Why is this an error?

Very simple: when you make a sale, you want to know where this sale came from. This allows them to know which pages are presenting good conversions, also so that they can grow and scale in that campaign, according to the follow-up.

5) Do not make comparisons

One of the best conversion tactics that are usually used to sell products offered in affiliate programs on the internet, is to compare the main product that is being offered, with two similar products.

When people are buying a physical or digital product, they tend to have their options reduced to 2 or 3 similar products, and they need help to make the decision that is best for them.

Through the option of comparing the three best products in a certain topic, I not only help my users readers to make a decision, since one also helps by having the affiliate links of three products in one place, generating that if the user buy any of them, will also generate profits.

Over time, with the tracking of that web page, we will be able to see which is the most interesting product for readers and move the best product in conversions to the top of the page, to have a better CTR.

The comparison of web pages is not only very popular and useful for readers, these are definitely also very profitable for you.

6) Buy Miraculous Courses

We have all seen this before, and I believe that you will not be the exception. Practically no matter how long they are linked to affiliate marketing, you will surely have encountered this problem at some point. A person (x) publishes a post complaining that he can not even make a dime with his marketing business. But then mysteriously there is a simple line that says it is possible to make 50 million dollars with the course x.

It happens all the time. Please, do not be those people who let themselves be convinced.

If they are new and want to promote products in the affiliate marketing environment, do not follow false claims, or promote products that promise to do this.

Many times these products talk about the creation of other similar products or benefits of this miraculous product, which for many sounds impressive to us, but do not try to deceive the users, because sooner or later they will ruin your credibility in this business.

7) Having distractions like the Bright Object

This is the biggest drop for anyone newly involved with affiliate marketing. In fact, it can cause really big problems for experienced affiliates as well.

It is very common that new affiliate marketers are working on one thing, when suddenly, something bright comes to us through the inbox or is mentioned in a forum that we frequent. Then we are pursuing some new idea to make money online.

Ignore those shiny objects, which do not ensure that you have firm foundations. They will only distract you from your project or campaign in question. A complete and profitable campaign is worth much more than 50 campaigns or almost half-finished projects.


Affiliate marketing is a business that requires self- esteem, motivation and dedication . For many of us, it’s about the skills learned. Once they are aware of the errors that can cause lack of focus and productivity, they will be in a better position to grow their businesses and make them profitable in the long term.


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