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The History Behind Our International Affiliate & Digital Marketing Company


DdrawTech is a Digital Marketing agency, which was born more than two years ago, as a company specialized in providing different types of Digital Marketing services

Addrawtech is a Digital and Affiliate Marketing agency based in Surat, which was born more than two years ago, as a company specialized in providing different types of Digital Marketing services, in a few years where investment in this country was still very low or practically non-existent for many of the companies.

As a result of the entrepreneurial initiative and the vision for the future of ABC (Founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Agency – Addrawtech), the Online Marketing Agency grew and managed to become fully consolidated within the digital marketing sector and little by little has been increasing its portfolio of digital services in line with the new trends in the market.

But, really, what is Addrawtech? Are we only a Digital Marketing Agency? We think and we are sure that we are not just a digital marketing agency. We know that in Addrawtech we are much more than a digital marketing company. Our company AdDrawTech is an India Based Company for Easy Digital Marketing Solutions on CPA, CPI and CPL business models.

Digital Marketing Services

At Addrawtech, as a Digital Marketing Creative Agency, we offer different 360 degree Online Marketing services, focusing on each and every one of the areas of launch and growth of our clients’ business in the environment in which they are located and in the digital world. In our online marketing agency we specialize in managing all your digital presence on the Internet; We thoroughly study each business and analyze its competitors; to then make a unique digital marketing plan for each of our customers, in order to meet their needs and generate a good reputation online for your company or your business, whether it is an SME or large companies.

We manage all the digital strategy of your business; from the planning in digital media , the SEO organic positioning strategy or also called  search engine positioning ,  we perform Community Management actions , we manage all types of paid advertising, such as, for example, advertising in Google Adwords, payment campaigns in networks social, programmatic purchases and also if what your company wants we also do inbound strategies, which are full marketing strategies, with very effective and very powerful tools in the area of ​​digital marketing, such as Hubspot and Infusion Soft, through  Inbound Marketing , among many other things.

Our Team

Harsh Mittal
Harsh MittalCo Founder
Sagar Mehta
Sagar MehtaCo Founder
Saurav Mittal
Saurav MittalSEO Head

Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

At AdDrawTech we work in an open culture. We believe in freedom. As it is essential to nurture creativity. But with freedom comes great responsibility. We believe in developing leaders who are ready to take the ownership and build their own path.

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Are you Dedicated, Hardworking, and Fun? Join Us!

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